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At EasyAPNSettings.Com, you will find updated and easy to follow tutorial to help you rightly configure your device. We have tutorials for APN settings for almost all the famous telecom operators of the world.

What is APN?

Basically APN stands for Access Points Names, and you have guessed it right: they are essential to be entered correctly in order for your mobile phone to connect to cellular network or internet provider. The objective of APN is to establish the connection between the public internet and your phone carrier cellular network via a gateway. The APN settings are further used to generate an IP Address and also required in order to connect to a private network known as VPN. These all need a heavy lifting that is done on the carrier side and no burden on the phone side.

So it is very important to have correct APN settings on your iPhone, Android device or any other device that is meant for connection to internet. Incase of wrong configuration, you won’t be able to browse the internet.

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