Easy APN Settings – How to Rightly Configure your Device

At EasyAPNSettings.Com, you will find updated and easy to follow the tutorial to help you rightly configure your device. We have tutorials for APN settings for almost all the famous telecom operators of the world.

What is APN?

APN stands for Access Point Names that are available on every smartphone that supports Sim cards. So, the basic purpose of APN Settings is to establish a secure connection to the gateway between your carrier cellular network and the private network.

The purpose of these settings on the phone is to help your phone making its way to connect to your provider. Later on, these settings are being detected by your carrier in order to generate an IP Address and making its way to connect to a secure gateway and also manages to connect you to a private network also known as VPN.

The settings are by default established by the carrier network and these settings are mandatory too depending upon your carrier network structure. You will have to implement that information in your APN settings accordingly.

APN Settings

How To Access & Change APN Settings

Accessing APN settings on your smartphone is quite easy depending on the manufacturer of your smartphone. Almost, all the smartphones have their APN settings available in Mobile Networks that is located in the “Settings” of your smartphone. So, navigate to the APN settings accordingly and select the “New APN” if you have changed your carrier and want to implement those APN settings provided by your new carrier.

The APN Settings looks like as below:


You will have to only fill those fields that are provided by your carrier and leave the rest one as it is.

Easy APN Settings guide you on how to easily configure your smartphone’s APNs settings according to different carriers. In order to avail the services of different carriers available, you will need to configure your APNs settings according to the information provided by them.

Therefore, following this blog will ultimately help you to configure the APN settings on your smartphones for different carriers available.